I recently visited Samburu County for an amazing road trip. I couldn’t have visited any place than Yare camel Camp.  The Yare Camel camp is a famous cultural hotel and campsite at the heart of Maralal town, the administrative centre for Samburu County. The campsite prides itself with the famous Maralal International Camel derby which is held annually.
There are a lot of great things about Yare Camel Camp such as Cultural museum, gift shop and activities for Nature and culture lovers. It is the best campsite if you want to spend your time somewhere near Maralal town. The campsite focus is to preserve the Samburu cultural heritage.

Some of the activities in the camp include:

Maralal International Camel derby is held annually in Yare Camel Camp to Celebrate camels and their rules in this nomadic society. The event usually attracts both local and international visitors. For past years camel derby has attracted camel riders from England, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and America among others.
Cultural tours/visits. Yare camp offers one of the best cultural visits in Samburu. With a good knowledge of the people and the surrounding Yare camp staffs will take you to a cultural visit among the Samburu people and the neighboring tribes like Turkana.


Yare camp provides camping services to its visitors.

Camel Safari/hikes

For the loves of Safari and hikes, yare Camel Camp is your place. The camp organizes safari drive with Samburu County. You can also go hiking on the Samburu plains while you enjoy wild fruits only available in Samburu.

Cultural talk and entertainment/ educational talks

The desire to preserve culture Yare Camp provides cultural talks and arranged entertainment to the visitors seeking to learn more about Samburu culture, this is a great opportunity to learn Samburu culture.

Guided Bird watching & Nature walk

Samburu County is blessed with a variety of bird species. Bird watching is one of the activities that take place at Yare Camp. With professional guides you will go for a nature walk around the camp and its environs learning about birds in Samburu County.

Cultural showcases- Traditional Songs, Dances, Artifacts display

Here is nothing entertaining than a Samburu traditional songs and dances. Learn how to swimming your neck and jump tall like a real Samburu at Yare Camp. The camp showcases traditional songs, dances and artifacts display for the visitors. It is an experience worth your visit.

Traditional fire making

Samburu people have been making traditional fire since time in memorial. Samburu people make fire from sticks, elephant or zebra or donkey dunk. You will learn to make your own bush fire next time you run out of matches while on Safari.

Student’s cultural learning trips/ holiday programmes

With rapid westernization African culture are being eroded hence need to educate people about their culture. Yare Camp provides students cultural trips to students they also offer holiday programmes for students.

Yare Camel Camp Facilities

The camp has several facilities designed for culture lovers. Some of these facilities include:

Bandas – with cultural touch, learn about Samburu Colors, Beadwork, Artwork through Yare Camel Camp documentations

Cultural museum

Traditional gift shop

Conference facilities

Collection of Samburu cultural heritage materials- literary materials, artifacts, herbarium, photo gallery

Resident blacksmith and traditional guitarist

Samburu traditional wild fruits