Otto – is the original Home of the Samburu People around late 19th century the time of Lmarikon and Lterito were warriors or Morans. The original home of Samburu People is probably just North of Lake Turkana.
One author in the book entitled “Where the giants trod” described Otto the original homeland of Samburu in the following words: ” For the hard-pressed Samburu there was only one option left: to follow the route along the eastern shores of Lake Rudolf (Lake Turkana), north to the extensive pasture lands situated towards the smaller Lake Stefanie (Chew Bahir) in the east. This, they decided, was the road they should follow to the highly desirable country which they knew of, and still remember, by the traditional name of “Uoto-‘ the faraway place’ – which stretched from Lake Rudolf to Lake Stefanie.

There, at last, they arrived in a welcoming empty tract of open rolling hills and grasslands. In the middle of the nineteenth century, when the first Samburu moved there, it was well watered, free from population pressure and hospitable. Their Garden of Eden embraced two lakes and the Tertale Mountains, a powerful range of hills rising abruptly 5000 feet above the eastern shore of Lake Stefanie, its treeless lower slopes cloaked in rich waving grasslands and topped with beautiful juniper forests.
Lying to the west across the lake was the less conspicuous Hamar range, another excellent grazing area onto which the Samburu encroached, with their superior strength of arms and dominating and oppressing the tiny Hamar Koke tribe. The land of Uoto marked the northernmost limit of the Samburu wanderings in search of rewarding surroundings, and for a few decades they reigned supreme, instilling fear and respect amongst their weaker neighbours to the north, and steadily growing wealthy in cattle and other stock”.