PICTURE: Section of the road blocked by angry youth in Hulahula, Marsabit.

MARSABIT, Dec 30th 2017 

Tension is high around Hulahula village following the killing of two boys aged 13 and 17 years of the same family while herding their livestock.

The heinous act happened yesterday at 12pm less than 2 Kilometers away from hulahula village according to witnesses.

Speaking to the Radio Jangwani, Karare MCA Steve Leado said that the killings were result of Land disputes among the communities in the mountain.

“We lost another young boy just two months ago, He was inhumanly butchered at the same spot where these two were shot dead,” said Leado.

The conflict in the area is now rampant after rains had fallen and every community in the region is suppose to move away from the grazing fields around the settlements to preserve pasture for dry spell but both sides are violating the agreement hence conflict arise.


The Karare ward MCA openly said that the killings is timely and it’s aimed to instil fear to specific tribe so as move them from their land.

“For the last one month tension is raising among this communities and security forces are just watching at a distance and that is the reason today killings happenes” Said Mr Leado.

Marsabit County Solomon Gubo today visited the affected and urged the locals to maintain peace since the security personnel are investigating the matter and said a peace meeting will be held on Saturday bring together all political players, elders from both communities and other locals.

On wednesday night and early Thursday, locals of Hulahula blocked the Marsabit- Isiolo highway and several public vehicles were attacked.

The angry youths were on a mission to revenge the death of the two boys from their community.