We apologize to our viewers for the graphic images, it is important for you to see.

Samburu Kenya: Last Saturday a carelessly left unexploded ordnance ( UXO) left one dead and another one seriously injured.

Three youngsters from Samburu County were herding their livestock when the disaster struck. Ndonyo Enanka is a black spot within the Army training range. Many have lost their lives on their line of duty.

Ndonyo Enanka is proliferated with unexploded bombs, bazookas , mines and bullets left by the training troops. Its not however clear if the killer bomb was left by the British Army or the Kenya Army.


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In this particular regard, we wish to ask for a PROPER and comprehensive investigation into the death of the young boy and those who have been identified to accept full liability by paying hospital bills and compensation of life and injuries.

The young boy, from Lemargero ( not related to Lemargeroi) family, is spending his painful days at the Kiirua hospital.

Following the Incident, wellwishers are requested to channel their contribution to 0725 895631 ( Dr. Ali of Archers)

Source Samburuleaks