Photo: Mp Sakuu Ali Dido Rasso(Left) Abshiro,Mohamed Ali,Gubernatorial Aspirant Marsabit County.
Mohamed Ali, Also known Abshiro Aspirant for Marsabit County Gubernatorial sit and MP for Sakuu Ali Dido Rasso yesterday criticised Ukur the the said amount uncounted on the financial 2015-2015.
The two leaders from the region were speaking bitterly during the fundraising ceremony in Marsabit town in aid of Faith Self Help Group.
‘’This amount of money uncounted for is supposed to transform residents lives’’ Says Abshiro.
They urged the residents of Marsabit to wake up from the slumber and speak for the rights since corruption is taking toll of their lives.
On their speeches they also talk about poor service delivery from the county government and they highlighted poor infrastructures like roads.
The duo further criticized poor service in the critical sector like health in Marsabit County and they said corruption has now devolved from national government to counties.
Marsabit County Governor Ukur Yattani earlier cleared the air on the same issue.
‘’That report was full of Errors and we’re working closing to with auditor general office to rectify the same’’