Dear Listener, sorry for the unexpected signal disruption of Radio Jangwani 106.3fm frequency due to ongoing signal upgrade.

Our technical team is working hard to restore it to normalcy in a short while and we will resume our usual Radio Programs ranging from News and our Inspirational, business and lifestyle shows among many other interesting and educative programs.

The signal upgrade will lead to a better quality transmission experience for all listeners across the Marsabit County and beyond.

“We wish to apology to our esteem listeners for Radio Off-Air, we will keep a live signal and maintain an online presence in line with our digital strategy, the signal disruption steps is effective as of today, May 16, 2016,” 12:00hrs,a statement from Director Radio Jangwani Fr.Racho Ibrahim.

Radio Jangwani 106.3fm.

“Baragumu Ya Faraja”