To mark the beginning of a new age-set, a Sacred bull must killed on top of Mount Nyiro or on its slope.

It is only the larger Lmasula phratry of the Samburu tribe who are endowed to kill this sacred bull. Only two clans of the Lmasula phratry black cattle moiety are bestowed to provide this sacred bull : Lotimi clan who kills it on top of Mount Nyiro on the place called RIPALAT, and LMOOSIAT clan who kills it on the South Western slope of Mount Nyiro at a place called LOIKA.
The man who will provide the sacred bull is expected to be clean : No physical deformity, this time he must be from Lkiroro age-set and must be from KIRASHA sub-clan of Lmoosiat clan. His son must also be clean did not sleep with a circumcised woman (Lkiregenyi).Both maternal and fathernal lineage must be pure Samburu, and from both white and black cattle moiety. No, history of murder case.
The boys who are to participate in the killing of this sacred bull are filtered to make sure those who defiled themselves by sleeping with circumcised girls or women are identified and left behind because they are unpropitious ( ketolo).
Lchurai sub-clan of Lparasoro clan, and Salon clan of Nyaparae phratry are supposed to Kindle fire for the sacrifice. The Lparasoro elder will make fire using a fire stick and Lnyaparae elder will hold Ntoome for him. LONG’ELI phratry must be present in the killing of the bull to represent the white cattle moiety because the right leg belong to them.

Thorough preparation are done here in Nyiro and the killing of the bull will take place before the ninth day of this month of Samburu calendar. Samburucally, there are four seasons :LLUME, LMANKI, LMAINA and SIRIA. The Llume season got lost because of the Lmalanya age set refusal to retire from the Moranhood. The Lkishami age-set belongs to the Lnyankik/Lmangi season which was characterised by unrest, wars, and natural calamities. The SIRIA season is coming where broken relationships will be restored and amended, peace and serenity.
Frank Lekatap Mpeyok