She is, a free-spirited young lady, fair in complexion, five feet tall slender with this beautiful smile that drives any sane man out of his shell. She is a slave in this magnanimous palace, but the cheap cloth cannot conceal her true natural beauty. she is a servant who despite how she is mistreated enjoys every drama that went about in her kingdom.  Today, One of the kings concubine cut her own wrist to avoid being sent to take care of the king friends after the king had taken on a much young, pretty and intelligent maiden. Angelica had been her servant since she was 13 years old. Doris was the kings first wife, but Angelica had been serving the mean Annabel. The funniest part was watching the crazy Annabel slit her own wrist like a witch, she couldn’t understand how one could be so cruel even to oneself. Sad enough, she had to clean her and put on the badge on the self-inflicted wound.

The New concubine, Mercy, takes total advantage of the situation and jealous ensures. The king knew to well Annabel was absconding her duties, but Mercy had defended her.

“let the poor lady rest, I will take care of everything before our guest get here, I just need Angelica help if Annabel doesn’t mind,” mercy said calmly and sweetly. Annabel looked at her disgustedly, waved her hand and walked away giggling some curses, leaving me behind. mercy seems funny and much more kind even to Angelica than any other person has ever been since her parents died.

After a long day of work, the free-spirited Angelica escapes when the blackout strike. She enjoyed taking photographs even at night and would escape every chance she got if done with chores. 

This fateful night, she comes across the nearing kingdom prince and his servants were in a mission to visit her kingdom. He is first astonished that such a young and beautiful lady is confident to go out at night all by herself. He is so impressed when he views some of her work, he insists on Coming along and fervent insistence she gives up knowing too well, that this one is a stubborn prince. The prince walks close to her and loss of word, his servant few distances between them.  She did not know what to say to the loyal prince too and so uncomfortably she kept walking.

She started taking photos and noticed a chameleon. She was so comfortable taking pictures of the reptiles, but she was not so fond of people teasing her with them. The prince insisted on viewing photos and was so impressed such a small camera would produce such beauty.

She felt relaxed and somehow comfortable around him.  Perhaps she was trusting him. No, she could not trust him though, she had seen so much drama in the palace to know when a man wanted to get in between her thighs, or so she thought.  She did not believe how genuine and pure the prince intentions were. One of the prince servant’s Still holding the lamp in his hand walked in the thick bush and took the chameleon, Angelica frightened walked a few steps back stepping on prince Liam’s toe who had closely been watching her, he held her tightly on his chest that she felt his strong arms around her behind. She shivered inside and for an instant, she wished he could be her own man. But that was just a dream, Angelica knew too well her place in the kingdom and she never failed to remind herself that just to make sure her life was secure and if she had to get out of this hellhole, she had to get when she had her two legs and hands intact.

“I’m Liam,” he said trying to straighten himself up.

“Angelica,” she stammered.

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To him, she was a goddess and he felt like with her everything was complete. She was funny, talkative, care-free and childish and somehow, he thought she was kind. He admired her in so many ways and despite he had just met her, he felt as if he would spend his whole life admiring her beauty, her smile, those shining eyes and how she played with her fingers. He could tell she seemed nervous around him and it fascinated him. He kept wondering what she was thinking about and he wished she could share it, but they had just met, and she probably thought he was a jerk and player. Who would blame her anyway? Princes had ruined the positive name of loyalty and noone thought there were good ones left.

She insisted on the chameleon being taken back to its habitat and instead of him doing so, the guy just took another chameleon which was running for its life after a few striking shots. She was so angry and scared and without thinking she held tight her camera and fled. She was hiding under a bridge hoping the Liam would continue with his mission. However, he had turned her into his mission. They were searching for her. She was not going to come out until she heard the big-headed man say they let down a snake he had captured under that small bridge to get her out. She angrily climbed up the cliff of the seasonal river and walked to the prince with rage.

“why wouldn’t you let me be, please carry on with your business as will I, stop ruining mine just because it suits you, I only do this at night coz its all the time I got, ” Angelica shouted with rage. The prince was shocked and clearly excited.  He had not seen such an outspoken lady and especially addressing him in this manner.  He smiled sheepishly that Angelica wondered what was funny.  He insisted that she would go only if he would Join him the next day at night.

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