Photo: Mohammed Ali(Abishiro) displaying his certificate to his supporter,Marsabit County.

A battle for political supremacy was witnessed in Marsabit CBD for the last 2 days as IEBC clears four guberbatorial aspirants and several legislators in various parts of the vast Marsabit County.

A convoy of cars and thousands of supporters escorting the current governor Ukur Yattani to IEBC offices for clearance at St.Stephen Centre in Marsabit town brought the town to a standstill for close to four hours.

Photo: Marsabit County Governor Ukur Yattani posing for a picture after receiving his certificate.

The battle between incumbent Ukur Yattani and former NHIF chairman Mohamud Ali(Abshiro) was intense and heated by a huge crowd of supporters drawn from various parts of Marsabit County stormed the County headquaters as they pain the town red and black as business people closed down their shops to have a clear view of clashe of titans in a rare road show.

On Thursday, US based Consultant Umuro Sora Adano was the first gubetnatorial aspirant to be cleared followed by ODM aspirants Ibrahim Dambi and later governor Ukur Yattani who had just been cleared to defend his seat by the County IEBC returning officer Muthwiri Arnold,was escorted out of by his newly appointed deputy, Hassan Marsa, Laisamis MP Joseph Lekuton and a team of FAP aspirants for the various seats in the impending election.

A day after Madaraka Celebration, Friday,Marsabit town was painted red as Jubilee gubernatorial aspirant Mahmud Ali((Abshiro) triumph over the town on his many stop over around the town

stop over around the town, as his suppoters warm up the town from every corner as they wait for the flag bearer to be cleared despite the delays from IEBC.

“The journey to liberate Marsabit County has already started, And once we clinched the power it will mark the end of corruption, tribal killings and dirty politics,” said Muhamed Ali.

After hours  Ali Mohamed Mohamud,was cleared to run for Marsabit County gubernatorial seat making him the toughest challenger to the government in power following the recent political upheavals after welcoming the current Marsabit deputy Omar Abdi,who ditched governor Ukur camp.

Marsabit senator Godana Harugura and Saku MP Ali Dido Rasso also accompanied Abshiro to be certified by the commission and later held a joint political rally in Marsabit town.

All security agents in the town were all over as they maintained checks and ensure supporters of the two candidates do not come face to face.