Photo: The Outgoing Governor Ukur Yattani(Picture Courtesy)
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Despite its possible flaws, the second general election under the Kenya’s new constitution has ended and you Hon Mohamud was declared the winner for the gubernatorial race for Marsabit County, in this regard I congratulate you and wish you well as you formally take over the reign of power and the monumental task of leading this county for the next 5 years.
It’s clear that you are taking off with an advantage as leaders before you including myself had the arduous duty of stabilizing the county and pacifying relations between various ethnic groups that were at war with each other.
Under my leadership as the first Governor of this county I remained at all-time guided by the desire to build a foundation of a society that remains cognizant of;
• Unity in diversity, cohesiveness and above all protection of minorities as a pillar for harmonious co-existence through equity in resource distribution.
•A sustainable and inclusive development model that ensures intergenerational equity.
• Spearhead a responsive, just, accountable and value based public service.
• Acknowledging the immense potential of this county to be the new frontier of growth and Investment in Kenya given its vast natural resource base
Guided by the foregoing;
In the last four and half years under my leadership despite the initial security and systematic challenges, we have now fully laid foundation for socio-economic transformation by establishing structures, policies, and the legislation necessary for the effective implementation of our development Programs. Just to mention a few of the milestones;
• Over the said period we have achieved impressive milestones in our efforts to build peace by promoting harmonious co-existence among the various ethnic groups of the county. It’s gratifying to note that our cohesion index increased from 68% to 86% from 2013 to in 2015.
• In the Social Services sector, we have invested heavily in health and education infrastructure by building and equipping new facilities which are now visibly spread all over the county.
• We have rehabilitated over 5000kms of roads as well as constructed 1000Km of new roads
• Drilled over 44 new boreholes in addition to rehabilitating existing ones and several dams and pans
• We established and ran several annual funds to handle various segments of the society; Kshs 30 million social protection fund, Kshs 60 Million enterprise fund as well as Kshs45 million scholarship fund to bridge skills gaps.
• In a bid to enhance food self-sufficiency, we have increased land under cultivation through agricultural mechanization, provision of agricultural inputs and a robust extension support services.
• Leveraging on the existing international agreements between Kenya and Ethiopia, we have facilitated cross-border trade gaining access to the 90 million population of Southern Ethiopia.
• In a bid to create a 24 hour economy and enhance security in our urban centers, we embarked on an integrated urban. transformation program from street lights to tarmac roads.
• In promoting tourism we constructed 3 new resorts facilities at the Bongole Crater, Kalacha Springs, and Loiyangolani Desert Museum.
I wish to bring to your attention some key flagship projects which in my view are key to transforming this county that I request you to own them and proceed with their commissioning as they’ve already been fully paid for;
▪ Modern Three storeyed amenity facility at Marsabit Referral hospital with state-of-the-art theatres, laboratory among others.
▪ Marsabit Modern Abattoir and the Quarantine station.
▪ A three storeyed Marsabit modern Market
▪ On-going 6 kms Tarmac roads within Marsabit township,
▪ Bongole Tourist Resort facility awaiting partnership with a strategic partner.
▪ Construction of a modern Stadium co-funded by the National and County Governments.
▪ Installation of solar-based street lighting in Marsabit and Moyale towns expected to be switched on in the next one week.
Additionally, to complement county government resources, I have negotiated and signed major bilateral agreements on high capital investment projects with various development partners notably:
▪ A five year Kshs 50 Billion Marsabit county-Southern Ethiopia cross-border project with the United Nations and other development partners and expected to commence in the next 3 months.
▪ A Kshs 1.6 Billion Marsabit water and Sewerage project supported by Africa Development Bank (ADB). This project is due to start soon as most preliminary works have been undertaken.
▪ A Kshs200 million worth Quarantine station as an ancillary facility to support the Abattoir and general livestock market outlet.
▪ An estimated Kshs.1.5 Billion Drought Resilience Programe in Northern Kenya supported by the Government of Germany through their development bank, KfW and further Kshs 1.5 Billion off-grid Energy Project by the same bank.
▪ Engagements with various investors in diverse economic field are also advanced
It’s my hope that you’ll continue to strengthen relationship with these organizations for Marsabit County to fully reap the desired benefits.
As you take over today, I leave the office of the Governor of Marsabit with satisfaction that my team achieved commendable job in the last four and half years committing itself at all times to the ideals of equity, inclusivity, participatory governance and development for all.
It’s my hope that the long-term strategic development programs initiated by my government will not gather dusts in your shelves but will find some relevance in your Government too.
I believe my vision to spearhead a just, inclusive, participatory government and offer of dependable leadership that our county needs more than ever before will not die from the mere fact of passing the button to you.
Finally, i reiterate that i leave the seat of Governor Marsabit to you with clear conscience and contentement and thank the people of Marsabit for according me the very rare opportunity of being its First Governor.
I consider this priviledge of leading this unique and diverse county a very humbling experience.
I wish you well in your Gubernatorial journey and assure you of my counsel should you desire any.