Madha Galma is the real man who make Haile Selassie to “bow” for him. The history repeats itself ironically if Oromoo Gadaa system destroyed it was his Gadaa time.

Madha Galma Tore he was 63th Abaa Gadaa, who ruled as abaa Gaddaa from 1952-1960, he was regarded as the brave Abaa Gadaa of those time when Abyissinia was under Haile Sellassie, he ruled his people in accordance to the right of all, Madha Galma was known to be Abaa Gaddaa who rebursted and restore the culture up to date.

During the early twentieth century Oromos lost their sovereignty to the government of Abyssinia and suffered unrelenting political, economic, and social oppression. For close to 400 years Oromos suffered under the occupation of consecutive Ethiopian regimes. In spite of centuries of suffering Oromo cultural identity remained strong. So much so, that Oromos never felt comfortable calling themselves Abyssinians, or Ethiopians, or totally abandoning their culture for that of Abyssinian culture.

Many Oromos perceive that the Ethiopians never tried to allow Oromos to feel that they were part and parcel of the Ethiopian empire. Oromos were not allowed to be part of the ruling class but Madha Galma tore fight with Abyssinian emperor to introduce the practice of Gadaa system socially, economically and politically where all the people press him across the Libaan and Golboo.

Haile Selassie find himself difficult to rule where he is under destroyed Madha Galmas control, people obey his rule as requested mandate that are imposed to everybody. later in February 1961 Haile Selassie send him invitation at the Royal palace in Finfine, Madhaa Galma declined the first invitation, the second invitation was on may, 1961 Madha Galma attended the invitation with Jaldesa Libaan his successor as Abbaa Gadaa (1960-1968) the concillor of elders and his advisors of 24 members in number.

People called Haile Selassie as a “majesty” and some other sort of funny name but to Madha that was nothing.

Believe it or not repeats Madha Galma make history to make Haile Sellisse “bow” at the first face to face meeting, in the meeting Haile Selassie raised several makes by topic

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Where he ask the following main two questions

1.) He asked to pass the Oromo Gadaa system to him as a loyalty to the emperor

2.) He asked to all the Oromo to revert them to his empires religion and cultural practices

After those questions Madha Galma replied to him “the Gadaa system is a democracy that passes from to generation to generation I decline the favour in favour of beloved community and future Generation after me, to do all this you better cut my head hang it in Gadissaa Gummii (parliament) in Arero”

Later Haile Selassie feared of what Abbaa Gadaa says and told I set you free and I will respect your Governance. Madha Galma Tore who was the 63th of oromoo boranaa Gadaa system in the ranks where up to date he is regarded martyr & Hero of his time, who never sold his people for selfishness.

Our hero my you R.I.P