A peace meeting was held at Shurr in a bid to bring peace and reconciliation between the communities in the region. This comes after a series of attacks that saw blood shed in the region over the past few months.

The meeting that was attended by Shurr residents and their neighbouring community from Jaldesa saw both communities ready to put down their weapons and embrace peace.

Following the meeting, Jaldesa-Shurr road was reopen for the communities after it was closed.  The Jaldesa Road towards Shurr, which is a trade corridor that connects Shurr and Jaldesa communities to Saku has been closed temporarily due to the tribal clashes in the area.

A similar meeting was also held in Jaldesa on Saturday. The meeting brought together members of the two communities who vowed to preach peace.

The reconciliation committee led by the Marsabit Interfaith Council organized another peace meeting between Dub Gindole villagers and GabraScheme on Sunday.

Today on Monday, the caravan was in Dokatu and Dirib areas.

This is the second phase of a series of peaceful meetings aimed at preventing such kind of conflict witnessed between the Gabra and Borana communities over the past few months.