Photo:Maize Plantation in Songa village last rain season.
The Marsbit county government will buy seeds worth sh5milion to be distributed to farmers in the county to plant during this rainy season.
The seeds will be distributed in all areas of the county where the crop can do well.
Speaking to Radio Jangwani county Agricultural Officer Obura Wilson said they have also received seeds from the national government to be distributed to farmers.
Wilson has called for all farmers in the county to embrace mixed crop farming especially the traditional high value crops which are drought tolerant hence require little rainfall.
“I called for farmers in this county to take advantage of the free seeds the county is giving out as we expect rains in order to curb hunger and poverty in the county because such crops will be the county safety net in case maize crops do not yield.” He said.
A new report by the meteorological department indicate that the county will receive rain though not sufficient ,which are expected in the March-April long rain season and so farmers are advised to prepare for planting season.