Sampurr also known as Lbene le Kuechi is a large cowhide storage sack, used for woman’s secret personal items not to be touched by men, not even her boys. That leather bag is owned by married women especially aged mothers
Inside her Sampurr the mother keeps some of her items like Sikira, Surutia lo nkiyia o la nkaik, Lkidong’i le ngorno, mparua, Lenyok loomporro, Lkiiyat lesainiai, urraurri, Lturet, Lorisie, mbitta, saasaa, Sanapati, Lgiiso, Mungen among many other items. All these items are later to be inherited by her elder daughter her death.
In her absence or death, it is only her first daughter can inherit or open it. For instance, if it happened the first-born daughter is away after the mum passed away, the husband opens it and pays back the daughter a goat for doing it without permission.
© Leadekei Alois