PICTURE: Lmarteun Mythology remains in Samburu,Kenya
Lmarteun mythology ~  { The Frozen people, at Samburu North sub County, south Horr in a location known as Lkumur }  > States that the Samburu people firmly believed that these were people at a big gathering in celebration (Latim ) and were frozen as a punishment for their pride, having laughed at a god disguised as a poorly but humbly dressed elderly lady. It looks like what might have been a settlement from the past, the long past perhaps.
Up to date, there are several circles standing rocks, interspersed with piles of rocks, in about an area same size as manyatta today. The Samburu firmly believe that these were all people at a big gathering, and they were dancing when they were all frozen, because of a disagreement with God, hence named Lmarteun.
One can even point out a pregnant woman, a tall man, there is a child holding another child’s arm. So enthusiastically to find something natural, again a circle of rocks huge one!  But some of them have been weathered in strange shapes.
Lmarteun the frozen people are situated in Lkumur, South Horr. Samburu County government we need the concerned department to identify these various treasures be documented for future posterity.
All valuable assets sites are earmarked and the community which such treasure falls given legal support to protect by either fencing for future reference and serve as research sites hence attraction of research tourist as well.