Samburu Horoscope: Samburu Names for the Months of the Year
Samburu people are plain Nilotes, a super-linguistic branch of the “Maa” people These are: Masai, Lshamus, Sampur and Laikipiak. The origins of the Samburu are in the Sudan, and when they first arrived in Kenya, they split from the Masai who continued to migrate further south. Their normal diet is milk, some vegetables and meat. They dress simply with wrapped skirts of red fabric and an abundance of beaded jewellery. The Samburu people just like any other community in Kenya have their own way of counting days, weeks, and years. Every Month of the year is named after the events and seasons that lie within that month.
The Samburu calendar is important to determine the seasons, times of drought. Rituals and rains. Elders of the tribe have a mystical knowledge of these seasons and, without calendars, can determine the correct time for every activity. Certain families who have this heuristic foresight are consulted before every tribal event is planned.
Lapatin lelari                                         Months of the year

  1. Riapala –                                                       January
    2.Liaingok –                                                     February
    3.Purkulia –                                                     March
    4. Ltaat lekwee –                                             April
    5.Ltaat lewaare –                                            May
    6.Lorokok lekwee –                                       June
    7.Lolorok lesiedii –                                        July
    8.Lekpein –                                                     August.
    9.Ntungus –                                                    September
    10.Lgisaan –                                                   October
    11.Lkuluwae –                                               November
    12.Araat –                                                      December