Picture: Samburu homestead (Manyatta) site   Samburu tribe predominatly are semi-nomadic means that the Samburu have a strong connection with a vast area of land. This allows them to successfully navigate the extreme conditions of Samburuland and not just survive, but flourish.   Samburu will move their manyatta for one reason only; their livestock. They need to follow the rains and the pasture required to maintain their bank account, the cattle.

 Often it is because the grass in the area is finished and there is known to be better somewhere else. Different animals need different types of grazing areas to get the right minerals and salts that their body needs. In this way, they will move within the rhythm of their environment. 

This is how the manyatta set up look like 

1: SIMI ~is a homesite: an old abandoned.
2: MURUA ~ abandoned homesite where no structures are left standing but shrubs grown on it.
3: ~ abandoned homestead where there are still some structures standing, fences and cow dug still there.4: LCHALAI ~ is the pollution of a homestead by the accumulation of old manure. 5: Mpasion ~ a place where massacre took place ( ruins )

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