Samburu Aboriginal Heritage museum forum is an online platform in honor of Samburu pristine and prime cultural treasures. It entails collections of unique aboriginal artifacts and cultural items for preserving our world’s oldest continuing culture.
These online museum recognizes that its native people have an interest in the management, interpretation and disposition of collections associated with their respective community. We would never save the most sacred ground without knowing the old ways. We can be able to breath and dream of these ancient grounds, an important part of ‘ US ‘ and our aboriginal heritage.
Samburu Aboriginal museum heritage  mission and objectives is to build a harmonious society by showing the development of Samburu wisdom of life and experience through natural, cultural and historical values accumulated in Samburu County in past years period of years. Samburu Aboriginal museum heritage intends to performs the following functions: _

  1. Maintains, control and develop museum’s collections – a part of the collections of the National museums.

  2. Carries out scientific research on museum’s collections and information relevant to collections.

  3. Educates society, provides access to museum’s values.

  4. Studies, renews and maintains Cultural and historical environment.

  5. Maintains and develops infrastructure which is necessary for museum’s activity.

  6. Restores repairs and maintains respective Cultural monuments.

  7. To investigate natural and cultural environment, monuments, tangible and intangible heritage to supplement purposefully acquisitions of museum’s collections for maintenance of historical memory.

  8. To preserve on purpose to get acquainted with peculiarity and variety of Samburu Cultural heritage and to build up the image of Samburu.

  9. To create a database on museum’s collections for the main catalogue of the collections of National museum.

  10. To popularize Cultural and historical values through exhibitions and other museum’s related activities like art and folk traditions of Samburu, and provide their publicity.

  11. To improve forms of communication and its efficiencies.

  12. Develop Cultural tourism and expand range of target audience and social stability.