PICTURE: Herd of elephants roaming in Marsabit national reserve (File Photo)

Monday, Oct 24th 2017

Marsabit County- A middle aged man has been trampled to death by an elephant along Marsabit-Isiolo highway near Karare area.

The deceased is said to have been heading to Karare from Kamboe on evening hours when the elephant attacked him and died on the spot.

KWS Officers have been deployed in the area to track down the elephant, which disappeared after the incident, were underway.

“The rogue elephant poses a security threat to locals and it’s just less than two weeks after one person was killed by the elephant on the same area within Marsabit national reserve,” said one of the resident.

Human and Wildlife conflict has increase recently following the prolong drought in the region and locals are blaming KWS Officers for keeping blind eye on their cry.