A mixture of cultural activities and traditional Delicious is one of the main activities during this cultural night vents. Kenya has over 42 cultural group. Every group has their own unique cultural activities that makes them stand out from the rest. Rendille cultural night is a cultural event that is celebrated by the Rendille community studying and working in renown urban centers to show case the beauty Rendille culture as well as the contribution of the Rendille people to the beauty and cultural richness in Kenya. This years’ cultural night will be held on 11th December at Bomas of Kenya.
The night features unique performance and demonstration of Rendille culture. you will experience an exiting, entertaining and educative music, dance, art and much more as we celebrate the people from the cradle home for humankind (Marsabit County). The presentations of customs, spectacular traditional costumes, art, music and dance is a fascinating experience that leaves one with a positive perception of the Rendille people.
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Featuring some of the known Rendille artists, performers and a live entertainment stage, the Rendille cultural night 2015 edition will showcase the best Rendille culture on the theme “Our Culture and land Our responsibility. The goal of this event is to create a place where Rendille people and lovers of culture can come together to celebrate the Rendille people, their culture, sustain traditions and a learning opportunity for those from other cultural back ground.
Event Information
This event 2015 edition will be held at Bomas of Kenya, situated 10km from Nairobi city center, and about 1 km past main entrance of the game-filled Nairobi national park, off Langata/forest edge road.
The ticket entrance fee is KSHs 500 for regular and KSHs 2000 for VIP quests. The ticket is obtained at the gate on the D-day.
“COME let us celebrate our culture as we have FUN”