Rendille Historical event can date many years ago. Medianorth is there to record and document those little unnoticed and never documented cultural aspects among communities living in Northern Kenya. After an extensive research, we have come up with a list of historical events that happened among the Rendille community.
1890 Severe drought; Rendille exchange children for dried meat from Gabra.
1910 Severe drought; Rendille travel to Barsaloi in search of food, seek help from Samburu and receive a loan of cattle.
1937 Circumcision of ILMAURI age-set.
1941 MBT is bombed.
1942 Neighboring tribes involved in a violent conflict, colonial government recruits, and trains Rendille to assist one side.
1943 Raid on Rendille, Ogom family is most affected.
1945 Rendille Chief Chudugle is arrested for not following orders of colonial authorities.
1946 GALGULAMME ritual for ILMAURI age-set postponed because of drought.
1947 Camels from Gabanayyo subclan are ‘arrested’ by colonial police for crossing grazing boundary.
1948 Marriage of Ilmauri age-set.
1949 Severe drought: many animals die, particularly sheep and goats.
Rage Turuga Hafarre is the first Rendille to settle in Kargi with a”roofed house”.
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