The Rendille people neighboring Gabbra, Turkana and Samburui tribe inhabite Marsabit County between Marsabit hills and Lake Turkana in Northern Kenya They (Rendile) consist of nine clans and seven sub clans. The Rendille people are culturally similar to the Gabbra. They are semi-nomadic that depend on camel for food, transport and hides. The original home of the Rendille people was in horn of Africa.
Rendille people have maintained a good relationship with their neighbors Samburu intermarrying. The intermarriage between Rendille and Samburu has led to a hybrid cultures along the great northern highway that connects Cairo in Egypt with Cape Town in South Africa. Their similarities with the Jews are evident from their cultural ceremonies like Sorio (Passover) which is an Old Testament Jewish tradition.
Rendille people are very religious people who believe in Wakh (God). They also practice many magical traditional rituals involving their animals like camels and sheep. They also seek for assistance from community elders and community sorcerous and magicians.
Rendille community is well defined by the age-sets. The series of generational Age-sets are defined by the circumcision ceremony which is takes place after every seven to fourteen years. In most Kenyan communities practices the first stage of initiation is circumcision. In Rendille community men have various stages of warrior-hood but women are either married or unmarried.

To help understand Rendille people age set Medianorth has carried a research and presents you with Rendille people age-set with the year of circumcision and the marriage year. This list covers age-sets from 1825-2018.
Below is the list of the Rendille Age-set, Period and Events.
Age-set                       Year of Circumcision                                                  Marriage
1.Irbaandif                                1825                                                                        1836
2.Ilkibugg (Teeria)                  1839                                                                         1850
3.Libable                                    1853                                                                        1864
4.Dibgudo                                  1867                                                                        1878
5.(Teeria)                                   1881                                                                        1892
6.Irbaangudo                            1895                                                                         1908
7.Difgudo                                  1909                                                                         1920
8.(Teeria)                                  1923                                                                         1934
9.Libaale                                    1937                                                                         1948
10.Irbaadif                                   1951                                                                          1962
11.Difgudo (Ilkichili)                 1965                                                                         1970
12.Libaale (Ilkiroro)                   1979                                                                         1990
13.Irbaandif (Ilmooli)                1993                                                                        2004
14.Ilmetili                                     2007                                                                        2018