Remore Elayiok is a Fertility blessings invoking ritual performed by uncircumcised boys in Samburu traditions for a barren woman ( Olipi ). Fertility is very high value for the samburu. A childless woman thought to be sterile is required by the customs that the lads may throw cow dung against the hut.
A fertility ritual involves placing a mud figure of a child in front of that woman’s house by boys to aggressively invoke blessings ( Asayi ) . One week or in later appropriate time , a feast will be given in which the husband invites the boys for remore ( Beseech and invoke blessings ) , and all the neighbors to come eat a slaughtered bull with him. As a little fat is spread over the woman’s belly by identified boy among the many who attended the ceremony , they will harangue , a blessing , ” May God give you a child. ”
Most a times God respond to this young innocent souls blessings ( the lads ) and the woman gets a child thereafter. Blessings are power from God. Lepalai ooh , mikintieu ooh ,tankajiang ooh !Eiyia iyioo hoo!
O iyioo. Hoo!
Mikintieu hoo!
Te nkaji ang’ hoo!
To lturen hoo!
Te Kweshi hoo!
Te aulo hoo!
Te nkishu ang ‘ hoo!
Te lale. Hoo!
Te ntariang’ hoo!
Te Lachau hoo!
Te Ng’iron. Hoo!
Mikintieu hoo!
Nkai ai hoo!
Nchoo yieyio lai hoo!
Layieni hoo!
Laamitu hoo!
Tenaagoliki hoo!
Nkai tining’o hoo!
Natejo ara Nkerai ino. Hoo!

That is how it goes !!!
Story By Leadekei Alois