Photo: Red Cross Boss Abbas Guleid holding a watermelon in Walda Irrigation,Marsabit.

Kenya Red Cross and other development partners today visited integrated food Security and livelihood project in Walda, Marsabit.

The team led by Red Cross Boss Abass Guleid and official from ministry of water toured 64 Hectares irrigation scheme that was started the year 2012 following the severe drought experience in the region.

“3000 Metric tonnes of foodstuff comprises of  watermelon, Butternut and vegetables is harvested every season at Walda Irrigation Scheme, it’s possible we can increase the produce if we can get constant supply of water” Said Abass.

According to the report the irrigation scheme sits on 200 Hectares of land that is high in productivity and the only main challenge is availability of fresh water.

Through funding from NEMA the project has been existence 3 years, Kes 67 Million was injected to the project focusing on enhancing food security in the region.

Apart from the vegetables grown in the irrigation, 12 hectares of land was set aside for growing of pasture for livestock.

The Red Cross said that they will build three dams in Moyale Sub-County to increase water availability for the irrigation projects in the area.