Lake Nakuru National part is wildlife sanctuary located in the southern part of Nakuru town along the shores of Lake Nakuru. For those from Nairobi, Nakuru is accessed both by road and air. It only two hours drive on a first class road from Nairobi. You can board public service vehicles or hire a tour and travel van. I would advise you to hire a tour and travel van since you will get an opportunity to experience the magnificent Great Rift Valley and have an opportunity to stop at Maasai curio shops on the way to buy African handmade beads and sculptures as well as take photographs of rift valley.  The road winds through a series of lakes (Elmentaita and Naivasha) and forested uplands all the way to the fast growing bustling town of Nakuru.
Lake Nakuru National park
Lake Nakuru has earned itself international fame as a sanctuary to the great white rhino over 300 bird species including over a million flamingos that inhabit the lake to feed on the algae. Touring Lake Nakuru national park is one day event that will soon rekindle your passion on wildlife.
Denis Sasati is a tour drive and guide working for Wenza Safari Travel Company in Nakuru. He has worked in Kisumu national museum, as guide and has eight years’ experience as a tour guide.  I spent a few hours driving on the part with Dennis and the experience was one of my memorable experiences in Nakuru. Just some metres from the gate we came across a herd of buffalos alongside zebras grazing we stopped and cooled engine to admire this animals as they graze with no hurry since it was rainy season and it was green everywhere it seems that they had a lot for the next few months. The buffalos were so close to our van that I didn’t need any binoculars to capture this wonderful memorabilia moment.
Lake Nakuru National Park
After a few minutes we kept on driving into the park past Thomson gazelles, warthogs and monkeys but all over sudden we bumped into white rhinos which were grazing under some acacia. It was my first time to see a rhino and I was really mind blown to see this gigantic mammal with long horns. The horns are used for uprooting roots and attaching predators if they feel threatened. It was not uncommon to come across Rothschild’s giraffes having their fair share of green lash or some male and female ostriches. We saw a pride of lions. It was fascinating opportunity to see wild animals that close in open than in a zoo. Dennis also told me that it was common to come across python either dangling from a tree or crossing the road.
Lake Nakuru National Park
The park is largely covered with acacia and euphorbia which act as haven for animals during the day.
Some of the points that are worth visiting are; Hippo point at Bahaini Spring and it is a  favourite spot for picnic, the honeymoon hill and Baboon point which is above the lake, it is a good point since it will give you a stunning view of thousands of flamingos and pelicans.
While visiting the park consider hiring a reputable tour drive-guide. Most of them are experienced and they can give you much information about the park and its environs.