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The Pride Of Mount Kulal

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Kulal white eye, ( zosterops poliogaster kulalensis )A grey bellied bird species only endemic to mount kulal an eroded down extinct volcano in northern Kenya. Also referred as broad ringed white eye. It’s found in a small area of forest on Mt kulal, its natural habitant are subtropical or tropical moist montane forests, high altitude shrub land. Restricted to isolated forests montane and are considered separate monotypic species. However, because of the very small range the kulal white eye is classified as vulnerable.


The scenic volcanic Mount Kulal home to the rare bird species Kulal white eye (Zosterops Kulalensis) is the highest peak in northern Kenya that represents a unique ecosystem surrounded by arid and semi-arid lands on all sides. Mt Kulal is a unique topography that contributes to the ecosystem Serveries the mountain and its forest provide to the region.  The crater on the top is evidence that the mountain was as a result of volcanicity.

At the top of Mount Kulal is Ng’oing’oi or Misimis crater that separates Ldonyo Le Lmasula and Ldonyo Lee Long’eli. The crater which is characterized by many ridged valleys and scenic features is the source of water for the water points on the lower sides of the mountains on both sides. The valley has a foot path called Lgos Le Ngeta, where it is only very few people who will gather the courage to go through as there are cliffs on both sides. The mountain ecosystem captures mist and rain providing hydrological services for the entire region.

Mount Kulal

This Mount and its forest is the source of many resources to the communities within the mountain. It is the main source of medicine, food, firewood and building materials for the locals. The mountain is a good sport for the climbers and trekkers. With the help of the local guides a safari can be organized from Lake Turkana to Mount Kulal. Trekking to Mount Kulal from Loiyangalani is a several day trip for a return trip. Donkeys are also available to carry your travel gear and kids. You can also hire a 4*4 Land cruiser for a lift to village Gatab or Arapal from where you can head to the mountain and spend some hour bird watching before heading back to the base of the mountain.

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For those who are not interested with trekking you can book a safari tour with Malabo resort to and from the summit. Book your safari to Mount Kulal from Lake Turkana with Malabo resort

Mount Kulal Man and the Biosphere reserve which is one of the six MAB reserves in Kenya. It was designated by UNESCO in 1979. The reserve covers about 7000km2    stretching from eastern side Lake Turkana to the top of Mount Kulal and the dropping down to Chalbi Desert.



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