March 30th 2020 By Medianorth
Isiolo, Kenya:
A Police officer on Sunday was injured in a hearth trade with assumed criminals ferrying bhang in a car in Merti, Isiolo County
The officer, who was driving a police car, was shot thrice and is nursing injuries at the Isiolo Referral Hospital.
He had accompanied a senior police officer to trace down the car in Kom, about 20 kilometres from Merti town when the criminals ambushed them and began taking pictures.
The officer was injured in his hand and legs and was rushed to Merti Sub-County Hospital where he received first aid treatment before being rushed to Isiolo Referral Hospital.
Isiolo County Commissioner Herman Shambi mentioned the senior officer, who rushed his injured colleague to hospital, on returning again to the scene with reinforcement, discovered the car deserted after the gang fled.