PICTURE: RVF is a disease that affects both animals and human beings. The virus is transmitted by mosquitoes. [Photo: Courtesy]
MARSABIT, KENYA 14th, June 2018-14-Year-old school kid died at Marsabit Referral Hospital on Thursday from suspected Rift Valley Fever while another person is admitted in critical condition at an isolation ward.
According to the department of health report, the deceased is from Drib Gombo location in Sakuu Sub-County and 28 years woman(Patient) is from Amballo area, Moyale Sub-County.
This has raised fears of an outbreak in the county as conveyed for a multi-agency emergency meeting chaired by Marsabit County Deputy governor Solomon Gubo.
The multi-agency RVF outbreak preparedness committee comprising of public health and animal health experts that will be subdivided into four teams which will be sent to Laisamis, Moyale and North horr Subcounty.
The virus has caused mass abortion in sheep and camel, such cases have been reported in Bori, Antut, Amballo, Olturot, Logologo, Kargi, Balesa, Demo, Shuur and Maikona.
The cause of outbreak is unusually heavy rains which normally create ponds and lakes where mosquitoes can breed in an area that is usually dry and people can contract the illness when they are bitten by infected mosquitoes or came into contact with sick animals.
The initial report of the sample from the suspected patient sent to KEMRI on Monday for testing have so far tested positive for the RVF.
Human beings get infected through direct or indirect contact with blood or organs of infected animals. The virus can be transmitted to humans through the handling of animal tissue during slaughtering or butchering, assisting with animal births, conducting veterinary procedures, or from the disposal of carcasses or fetuses, bite from mosquitoes infected with the virus and ingesting the unpasteurized or uncooked milk of infected animals.
To avert the situation early detection and response in event of an outbreak, The team of specialist will increase surveillance, collection of samples from suspected animals and humans. The county Government will also vaccinate livestock in suspected areas, increase public awareness, institute a proportional quarantine of livestock, if need be closure of livestock market, restrictions of home slaughters and sensitization of livestock traders and consumers.
Rift Valley fever (RVF) is a viral zoonosis that primarily affects animals but also has the capacity to infect humans. Infection can cause severe disease in both animals and humans. When it occurs in human, there is rapid onset of illness, multi-organ failure, bleeding from multiple sites and deaths. There is no treatment for disease and no human vaccine, Only medical experts can offer supportive care to patients .