Photo: Mohamud Ali(Jubilee Aspirant)Left and deputy Governor Omar Abdi after joining opposition, Marsabit County.

Marsabit Deputy Governor Omar Abdi has shocked residents for being the first sitting deputy governor to defect from ruling government to Jubillee gubernatorial aspirant Mohamed Ali AKA Abshiro.

The move is bold ,timely and significant given that him and his boss, Governor Ukur Yattani rose to power through REGABU alliance on March 2013.

Mr Omar Abdi immediately declared that he has officially decamped Governor Ukur government and urged supporters to prepare for “a hard times on political arena and probably swift journey for Burji tribe”.

At a colourful ceremony attended by more than 2,000 Jubilee supporters in Sagante Resort Hall, Mr Omar Abdi said he had experienced worse moments under Governor Ukur and is no longer willing to tolerate.

“ I persevered  a lot of things from my boss Governor Ukur including harassment,blocked to attend events,unable to do anything, I cannot stomach anymore,I also have a voice and my democratic rights.

Says’ Omar Abdi.

“A lot have been going wrong in current government under leadership of Governor Ukur, I reveal it as times goes. Corruption and Office Misuse is rampant” He said,I have decided to decamp today in order to see this government fail.

The meeting brought together the community of burji, leaders including Senator Marsabit Abubakar Hargura, Deputy Governor omar abdi, and other leaders, who have vowed to persuade the community to support Abshiro and his group as they vowed to do everything to bring down the Governor Yattani goverment in upcoming general elections.

And in what is seen as to stabilise the community of burji, Governor yattani he appointed Hassan Marsa from the community of burji as his Deputy at the next general election.

Senator Hargura for his part, has accussed Governor Yattani by running his campaign through the use of public resources such as vehicles of the County.

Today’s meeting has been organised by Burji community as they receive Omar Abdi in political divide where Abshiro(Jubilee Aspirant) and Governor Ukur both met the Burji tribe on the same venue.