The fully fledge hospitality facility pride of being situated on one of the most serene area within Loiyangalani and its environs. The beauty of the oasis lodge lies not just on the architectural design and the serene environment but on the reception, service delivery, finishing and furnishing of the rooms to compliment both modern and African traditional design.
The oasis lodge is situated in the heart of Loiyangalani town. The most precious gift that the lodge can offer to the clients is a comfy room. This is one of the places where lodgers spend most of their quality time at. Some book as early as 6am and check out the following morning.
oasis lodge.
The Oasis Lodge offers well tasteful furnished and spacious rooms all located within a quiet place for maximum concentration. The rooms are designed to accommodate the needs of various types’ of visitors ranging from leisure travellers, safari groups, over landers, couples, families as well as honeymooners.  Accommodation includes standard, double and twin beds for maximum comfort. You are guaranteed of warm hospitality.
At Oasis Lodge the dining area is very spacious with two interconnect room and a bar. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinners. The menu depends on the choice of individuals /groups. The clients have several areas from where they can enjoy the mouth-watering meals ranging from the dining area, or besides the swimming pool.
Oasis lodge, swmming pool.  Courtesy of Malabo resort Facebook Page
The oasis lodge has a very big and well maintained swimming pool where the clients can swim and relax as they have a talk and sipping from their glasses. The swimming pool is at a very strategy position that blends the hot heat from the sun and cool breeze from the surrounding palm trees to give you a cool and relax environment. Oasis lodge is a good place to shade from the hot desert sun.
If you want maximum privacy in Loiyangalani you should consider Oasis lodge as your prime choice.