Photo: IEBC Vice Chairperson Consolata Nkatha encouraged those who have not registered to take advantage of the remaining period to do so in Marsabit County.
Following claims that biometric voter registration kits have been taken to Ethiopia to register non-citizens; IEBC has refuted allegations of voter fraud.
IEBC national officials led by Deputy Chairperson Consolata Nkatha visited Marsabit County to verify the claims.
The officials visited Moyale Sub County for two days to oversee the proceedings of the voter registration exercise.
Unconfirmed reports indicated that there were people asking for the direction to Sololo town where they could enlist Ethiopian citizens, and pass them off as Kenyans.
Nkatha said those rumors are not true and argued residents to register in large numbers as voters.
“We went up to border town of Moyale-Ethiopia. We are working closely with local administrators to monitor the exercise, so I assure you those claims are not true at all. She said.
“The turnout is low because people are moving with their livestock because of the on-going drought. We have directed our registration clerks to move around and register them.” She added.
During last year’s Madaraka Day celebrations, Governor Ukur Yattani told security officers to thwart plans by local administrators to aid foreigners acquire identity cards.
Governor Yattani said reports of infiltration of major towns by aliens should be looked into.
“I’m urging law enforcement agents to take charge because that is a very serious issue at hand, and particularly now that we are headed for the General Election in August next year,” he had said at the time.
Meanwhile, the outcome is still below target in the county.
According to IEBC records so far only 6330 people have registered as voters in the whole county.