Internal and external conflicts are a part of every community.Among the Rendille, a Manyatta which comprises of around 50 households is under the jurisdiction of a senior elder and  a council of elders who are tasked to help the senior elder with leadership issues within and outside the commmunity.
The Rendille people have courts (Naapo) in the center of the Manyatta. Every Manyatta has a Naapo. The Naapo is made of thorny bushes that are arranged in a circle with one entrance. At the centre of the Naapo is a fire-place, the fire is kept a blaze everyday and it’s not supposed to ever go out.
The meet is usually held in the Naapo every single day in the evening when all the animals have been milked and the evening drink has been taken. When the meeting is called you can see every man emerging from his hut with a headrest made from wood well crafted to simply give comfort.
One man talks at a time while the rest are listening attentively as they follow the speakers points and contributing now and then.
Apart from dispute issues, Naapo is also used as a pray place during communal ceremonies such as Circumcision.
Only men are allowed in the Naapo. No woman is allowed in the Naapo