Photo:Mzalendo receiving medical attention in ISMC Hospital,Marsabit Town. 

Sagante/Jaldessa Ward MCA aspirant Waqo Dalacha popularly known as Mzalendo today was attacked by a group of Youths in Sagante.

According to the news sources a group of youths associated to a politicians in the ward attacked the aspirant while attending his rally in Garakasa location,Sakuu Constituency in Marsabit County.

“They beat me up, knocked me down with a vehicle and it’s clear that their aim is to kill me and I believe my rival is behind this” Say’s Mzalendo.

Mzalendo was rushed to ISMC Hospital in Marsabit town where he is admitted for medical attention.

The clinical Officer confirmed that the aspirant got a severe dislocation on one of his leg and bruises in his body but he’s in stable condition.

Mzalendo said that he has already reported the heinous attacked to Police,Elders and Jubilee displinary committee in Nairobi.

Speaking to the media the aspirant said that the attack was well planned and this is the third time he was targetted by rowdy youths in Sagante.

The heinous attack comes barely 18 days to General Elections.