Mistaken Identity (Part 2)


Mistaken Identity (Part 2)

We discussed that we had to take just 3k to fuel the taxi and the rest we would share after the deal was done. It was normal for us to get such delivery jobs on weekends. It strengthened our bond plus it broke the boredom.
We had to pick the package from this big hotel, Regina And Sons, second floor. Wilfred and I had walked to use the restroom, separate, while the three others went to pick the package. By the time we were getting out, we got out just to see the police removing the package. First came a bottle of what I thought was wine and then a wedding dress and inside it a well-packaged substance. I was shocked when I heard them say it is cocaine. I had to stop Willy and his loud mouth from getting caught. Mario saw us and tried so hard to wave his hand dismissing us to run for our lives. I knew that he did not want us to get caught so that there would be somebody at least to find for evidence. Unfortunately, we were not as investigate as he was. I wished for a minute that Mario was with us, he always knew what to do. Willy on the other hand was too playful, but on such situations, he was shocked and dumb stricken. I had to literally drag his damn ass from getting caught.  The police spotted us and somehow it’s like they knew we were together. Without thinking, I just got inside this car which was just parked right there and then, Noah KBX Godsent maybe.
“get in dummy,” I shouted at willy. He was startled. I guess he has never crossed lines with the police before. He jumped and locked the door. Its like his mind had just dawned to the reality. I drove like crazy, my life depended on it and the freedom of our friends. I had to find a way to get that stupid Ricardo to admit to sending us to do his dirty job without our knowledge.
As I drove all the way evading colliding with the police, my mind could not stop but wonder how the police knew about this. Why did they search those bags precisely? I’m very sure there were a lot of people coming in and out the hotel carrying their luggage just like this. Did someone tip them about this or were we set up?  Probably the later.
I knew very well to evade the police and with no time we lost them. I parked it far from our apartment, we took a taxi and headed home. There must be something for us to proof our innocence.
It was already five hours since our friend hand been captured, and we still did not know what to do or have something to take to police. If we were set up, its possible Ricardo was not his real name and the place we had to deliver the package was probably does not exist or either he does not live there.
“Mario,” willy shouted after a way long silence.
“he is in cell,” I said looking ridiculously at him.
“not that, he likes video recording strangers, precautions.”  It’s the first time he said something sensible since we witnessed our friends being forced to kneel with hands behind their head. How could I forget. Mario and his pen camera. It was always hidden on his shirt and he would always record any conversation with strangers and anything he wanted to investigate. His spare key was here somewhere.
It was not hard to trace it. He had placed the flas disk on one of his secret box on top on the wardrobe.  I hugged willy excited feeling anxious and scared at the same time. Perhaps I should be doing background check before accepting such jobs. It was not easy to trace but I had seen Mario severally put flash disk, cd, and hard disk if he did not intend on someone taking or seeing them. We took the laptop and played it. God, who would have thought what we considered once as nonsense and unnecessary saving us. We made few copies and then returned the flash to its place.
“you stay here, I will take this to police,” I said opening the door.
“oh, we are already here,” one of the officers holding Mario said pushing the door wide open. I scanned outside to see whether Mesh and James were outside but only a couple of more officers were outside. ‘what took you so long,’ I sneered inwardly.
“let me see it,” the officer picked the cd from my hand and proceeded to sit down on the couch opposite the laptop. As he watched, we remained silent observing him nod his head severally.
“give me the address that he gave you to deliver the package, oh, and I need the original of this copy” he said quoting the package. I left to pick the flash from its place.
“we are innocent officer,” willy said handing him the piece of paper with the address.
“you are not innocent, you are stupid and ignorant, you are lucky we are CID and not the police. We just need to capture these five,” he said calmly scrutinizing each one of us, he removed one photograph of five masked people, from his breast pocket, one was without doubt a lady.
“they used us to confuse you,” I said understanding why we had to be five, ‘us’. We matched perfectly.
“clearly, and you were caught with 300m worthy cocaine, that would have been 15-20 years in prison” he said standing up.
“uncuff him,” he said calling one of officers aside.
“this cd has just helped us uncover one of them so I’m going to release all of you without charges, however, I hope you are careful with you next deliveries,” he said after a few whispers with his partner.
“thanks officer…” Mario said extending his hand to the guy in-charge. Clearly, he wanted to know his name.
“officer John Cindaga,” he said shaking his hand.
“I hope we never meet again on such circumstances,” he said walking away.
“oh, Mario, that was so intelligent to record such a business, it a precautious measure,” he said heading out.
“thanks sir,” Mario said proudly. He looked at us with this ‘I told you so’ look.
“what about our friend?” I hurried after them.
“they will be here, I hope one of them can drive a taxi?” Mesh was a good driver, but as for James, well, he could cycle.
That evening, as we were sharing the 60% of what we had earned from that drug peddler, we excitedly described how scared we all were, how James had urinated on himself after receiving a blow from one of the officer, how I had to practically drag Willy to safe his sorry ass, how Mario was solemnly harassed while trying to tell them he had an evidence that we were just delivery guys and how mesh had received the blows like a real man, he did not scream just biting his lower lips. We all agreed that Mario’s stupid work had come in handy. We also agreed to be careful when taking up weekend delivery work, after all, if the deal is too good, think twice.