PICTURE: Some of the recovered livestock in the previous operation in the area(File Photo)
5th of July 2018-Tension remains high in Ngaremara area of Isiolo following a General Service Unit, GSU operation to recover stolen livestock.
The joint police operation was on Monday deployed to Ngaremara ward to patrol the area and continue to pursue gunmen, bandits and cattle rustlers who are causing disharmony in the area.
Unknown sources revealed that police shot dead two innocent civilians while the third one was run over by an armoured personnel carrier (APC)and three young men and an elderly woman, with six others, were left nursing gunshot wounds in various hospitals in Isiolo and Meru counties.
As a result of the ongoing operation, 9 primary schools and 2 secondary schools in Ngaremara ward remained closed as students and teachers are scared to operate in an environment of fear.
An administration police post in Ngaremara was closed and officers evacuated to pave way for the operation to flush-out bandits believed to have been holding stolen livestock around Daaba hills.
Ngaramara residents and religious leaders are now calling on the government to terminate the GSU operation to pave way for amicable solutions to be sought. They claim the GSU officers are using excessive force, harming innocent lives.
However, Isiolo county commissioner John Ondego has dismissed the claims saying attackers are acting like militia and laying an ambush for GSU even in areas where community members live.
Last week, bandits shot and killed two police officers and wounded Isiolo county police commander near Daaba, Ngaremara ward. The officers were pursuing over 300 cattle stolen from the Samburu more than a month ago.