Your Home On The shores of Lake Turkana

Malabo Resort management wishes to express our sincere appreciation to the customers for marking Malabo Resort their hotel of choice in the year 2015.
Malabo Resort Review
This year in 2016 We are looking forward to better our facility and services. Your comments, suggestions, critics and compliments are our pillars in making Malabo Resort your all season preferred resort in Lake Turkana, Loiyangalani town.
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Malabo resort is situated within Loiyangalani town a few kilometers from the lake. Malabo resort is beautifully sandwiched between doum palm trees making it an oasis of refreshment after a long tour around the villages and attractions with the area under the scorching sun. The Resort is built in one of the best view spots to Lake Turkana and the magnificent landscape. The sight of sunset from Malabo Resort is just but marvelous.
At Malabo Resort our accommodation is superb and parallel. We have 16 bungalow-style rooms with private bathrooms. Our rooms range from bandas, cottages, traditional Turkana houses, family house and a campsite. All our houses are furnished with large beds, bush showers, mosquito nets and air conditioner for a peaceful night as you drift with the whistling doum palm trees. We provide around the clock receptions attendance to make sure that our clients can get us when every they get in touch or arrive in our resort.
In 2016, we at Malabo Resort want to make your holiday more fun and adventurous by the introduction of Safari Packages that will make accessibility to Loiyangalani Easier than before. We have introduced several safari packages that we believe it pocket friendly for all travelers.  See our Safari packages here.
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