Photo: H.E Governor Ukur ( at the Middle in grey T-shirt), Hon.Lekuton Mp Laisamis ( 3rd from right in a blue T-shirt) and Tamasot(4th from Left) after the conclusion of the mission.
Korr MCA David Tamasot Arakhole, his bodyguards as well Laisamis chief Lekorima who went missing since yesterday have been found safe and sound at Duma well near Merti Isiolo County.
Security officers who were dispatched to the area managed to rescue the ward representative and his colleagues while they were still hiding in the bushes.
For now they’ve arrived at the MCA’s residence in Ngurunet.
Initially the MCA and his team were forced to leave behind their car and took refuge in the thickets after it was spread with bullets by heavily armed bandits shortly after they arrived at Thurusi.
Likewise, efforts to rescue them was futile due to lack of mobile network connections.
Arakhole and the chief had gone to spearhead the search operations for the stolen livestock when they were held up by the bandits.
However, security officers who had conducted the operation successfully recovered more than 40 camels that were stolen.

Photo: H.E Amb. Ukur Yattani,Governor Marsabit County with some of the recovered camels.
Marsabit county leaders including Governor Ukur Yatani, Laisamis MP Joseph Lekuton and Senator Hargura visited the area.
Meanwhile, Governor Yatani has flown back to Marsabit town from Laisamis this morning where he spent the night.
Speaking to Radio Jangwani shortly after arriving Governor Yattani has strongly condemned the attacks terming it inhuman and uncalled for and likely orchestrated by people who are interested in raising uncertainty among local communities.
He has called on residents to live in peace especially at this time when the country is approaching election period.
He said the culture of cattle rustling is outdated and appealed to the people to embrace peaceful co-existence.
Three people from the same family were killed in a dawn attack at a fora in Kilimlim, Thurusi Laisamis constituency at the border with Isiolo County