Chalbi Boys High School has been closed indefinitely after students attacked and injured six non-local teachers.

Speaking at Marsabit Referral Hospital, one of the teachers said he was in the staff room with many of his colleagues at the time and the students only targeted those from outside the county.

The teacher who sought anonymity for security reasons said the students were militant and threatened to kill them.

“We were preparing ourselves to go to class when they attacked us. The only thing they said was that it was our day to die,” said the teacher, adding that his colleagues were injured as they tried to flee.

The students caught up with him, beat him up and doused him with petrol, intending to set him on fire.

“They even poured petrol on one of us ready to set him ablaze but they had no source of fire hence we got an opportunity to save him,” the teacher said.

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Maikona Chief Guyo Isacko told the Nation that the students destroyed property of unknown value at the school.

The stormed the staff room and attacked six non-local teachers with blows and kicks, injuring two of them seriously.

The teachers, who were busy working, ran out of the school screaming for help with the students in pursuit.

They found refuge in neighbouring Maikona Girls Secondary School but one who could not run fast enough sustained deep cuts in the head and hands.

The students ran back to the school on seeing a police lorry and destroyed property of unknown value forcing the school management to close the institution indefinitely.

Maikona deputy county commissioner Stephen Kavulu said the students attacked the teachers as they were preparing to start their lessons.

“There are no arrests that have been made because the students saw a police lorry approaching and they ran away. The attackers only told the teachers it was their day so we are yet to establish the reason behind the attack,” he said .