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Marsabit Lake Turkana Cultural Festival Programme

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Lake Turkana Cultural festival 8th edition will be held on 29th to 31st may.

Lake Turkana festival is one of the memorable events in the Kenya tourist calendar and it is organized by the county government of Marsabit, local community festival committee, Kenyan Tourism Board, and National Museum of Kenya and Kenya Wildlife Service. The festival is aimed at celebrating and helps preserve the culture of Gabbra, Samburu, Turkana, Borana, Watta, Rendille, Pokot, Elmolo and Dasnach as well as focusing on the economic development of the region and participating communities.

The festival features amazing cultural dances, their living style and their delicacies. Million years old fossils from koobi fora national reserve will also be displayed during the festival.  Some of the fossils of the first human beings were excavated by Dr. Leakey at koobi fora hence naming Marsabit County as the cradle of mankind.



2.30-3.00 ·         Flag Raising/ National Anthem

·         Prayers

·         Religions Choirs

·         Parading of Participating Teams

Festival Site
3.00-4.00 ·         Cultural performances

·         Fashion Show


Festival Site
4.00- 5.00 Chief Guest Speech

Cultural Performances

Festival Site
7.00-8.30 Cohesion Night (Lectures)


Festival Site

                                                     FRIDAY 20TH MAY 2016

9.00- 10.00am Exhibition of cultural foods and medicine.


Festival site
10.00-11.30am School choirs

Local Musicians

Festival Site
11.30- 12.30pm Cultural Performance

Speeches by H.E the Governor, Chief Guest and MCAs

Festival Site
12.30- 2.30pm  


2.30-4.30pm Boat Racing-flag off by H.E the Governor.

Public swimming

Public Beach
5.00- 7.00pm Cocktail party / Sundowner

Culture talk.

Desert Museum
7.30-8.30 Plenary Discussion of this year’s Theme at Cultural Site Festival Site
9.00-10.00 Local Musicians

Ethiopian guest artist-Abush Zalaqa

Fashion Show

Cultural night performance by cultural groups at their villages

Festival Site



                      SATURDAY 21ST.MAY 2016

7.30- 10.00am ROCK ART TOUR ( 4 km North of Loiyangalani)

Exhibition of Culture Food and Medicine Continues



Festival Site

10.00-11.30am Visit to Elmolo Shrine (Boat hire charges)

Moran Race

Layeni Village

Festival Site

11.30-1.00pm Welcoming The Chief Guest at Airstrip

Cultural Dances

Camel and Donkey Parade

Viewing of the Artefacts at Desert Museum





Desert Museum

1.00-2.00 LUNCH  
2.00-6.30 Viewing the Cultural Village and Stakeholders Stands by Chief Guest.

Fashion Show- Curtain Raiser

Guest Musician

Cultural performances (All)



Festival Site
7.30 – to Dawn Music by Local Artist/Guest Musician and Fashion Show. Festival Site.



SUNDAY 23RD MAY 2016 DEPARTURE at leisure.


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