PICTURE: Samburu and Turkana dancing side by side performing during the past event.
The Lake Turkana Cultural Festival will be held at Loiyangalani in Marsabit County from the 28th June – 30th June 2018. This year’s theme, “Promoting Tourism, Cultural Diversity And Social Inclusiveness” will focus on celebrating and preserving culture.
The event will feature unique performances and cultural traditions of 14 ethnic
communities which live in Marsabit County: El Molo, Rendille, Samburu, Turkana,
Dassanatch, Gabra, Borana, Konso, Sakuye, Garee, Waata, Burji and Somali and many others.

The presentation of the customs and living conditions of the fourteen tribes, their
spectacular traditional costumes, arts and crafts, dances and music is a unique and
fascinating experience – in particular in light of the stunning geographical characteristics and the limited general knowledge about the Lake Turkana and Marsabit County.
The festival was proposed by the local communities who reside on the Eastern shores of Lake Turkana in Marsabit County. It was initiated in the year 2008 and has since been an annual event.
Loiyangalani is a small town located on the south-eastern coast of Lake Turkana, Kenya. The name which means “a place of many trees” in the native Samburu tongue, is home to the El Molo, an almost extinct community, among many other diverse communities. Its main industries include fishing, tourism and gold panning.
Lake Turkana Cultural Festival is fast becoming a popular tourist destination in Northern Kenya, as the surrounding El Molo and Turkana villages and others, offer unique cultural experiences that is unique to the communities.

On the same shores of Lake Turkana tourist will get an opportunity to visit El-Molo shrines(Layeni), catch a glimpse of ancient rock art on the escapements and visit Southern Island( A home to Nile crocodiles on their populated breeding ground).
June 2008, the National Museums of Kenya officially opened the first and only Desert Museum in Loiyangalani, which mirrors the Cultures and lifestyles of the communities that live in this area.
On the way to Loiyangalani by road you will transverse a beautiful landscapes and definately see one of the largest wind farm in the world, Lake Turkana Wind Power as you meander through 365 wind turbines down to Loiyangalani town.
The deep insight of the festival is the cross-cultural interaction, co-operation, and trading with peace and tranquility.
First route is Isiolo-Laisamis – Illaut – Kargi Junction (D371) and Kargi Junction –Loyangalani Road (C77). The road will be 6m wide with a 5m road reserve to each side.
The road branches off from the main A2 Isiolo-Moyale road at Laisamis as D371 in a northerly direction and passes through various centres which include Namarei and Illaut.
From Kargi Junction the road becomes C77 after joining the main road from South Horr and continues all the way to Loyangalani town.
Optional route-281km route of Marsabit – Kargi – Loyangalani which branches off from the main Isiolo – Marsabit road.
(The road is murram upgrade)
Join us and experience the beautiful cultural attires,food,songs and dances on the 28th to 30th of June in Loiyangalani, Marsabit County on the eastern shores of Lake Turkana.
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