The Muslim leaders of Marsabit County under the umbrella of Marsabit Muslim Leaders Forum have strongly condemned a series of killings that have been witnessed in Marsabit County in recent times.

Speaking to the Journalists, the leaders sent their condolences to all who lost their relatives following the killing that have so far claimed 40 lives in a span of four months.

Leader by Hajji Ibrahim Oshe who is the chairman of the Marsabit Muslim Leaders Forum, The leaders have called for peace and good relations among the rival communities.

They have also urged political leaders, various organizations and the Marsabit community to unite together for the purpose of restoring peace.

Sheikh Muhamed Galgallo, who is the chairman of the Council of Imams and the preachers Marsabit, emphasized the importance of the community to set aside their differences and live together in peace.

Sheikh Muhamed Galgallo has asked the Marsabit community to preach peace.

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