PICTURE: Former Governor Ukur Yattani(right) during the pre trial in Marsabit High Court

MARSABIT, Dec 30th 2017 –Marsabit High Court Judge Said Chitembwe  grants Nasra Ibrahim and Amb. Ukur Yatani request to access select IEBC data and equipment used to conduct August 8 General Election.

On the 10 Point Ruling Based on Access to Read Only (MEANING: Permission to access files or directories where the user is only allowed to read, not make changes or copies).

In his ruling Judge Said affirmed that the petitioner’s has rights to access those elections materials both electronic and manuel as per the law to prove the validity of the process beyond reasonable doubt.

“The court has no capacity to scrutinize the IEBC materials used all over the county and hence i have directed IEBC officers to ensure the exercise is done openly in presence of both parties” Said Judge Chitembwa.

The court further instructed the IEBC to submit the data collected from the exercise in SD Cards storage so as to be used in the case before the court.

Respective parties to bare cost of printing all required documents.

The scrutiny of the IEBC elections material both manuels and electronic is only limited on access and noted on issue raised on the petition and no court official will participate on the exercise.

On the gubernatorial results access for the petitioner’s case will only be done for three sub-counties of Sakuu, Laisamis and Moyale where as North Horr is exempted since Ukur garnered over 90 percent.

The result of the all process according to the ruling is to be  done on or before December 18, 2017.