FRIDAY 31/1/2020.

Marsabit county government will partner with the embassies of Chile, Romania and Kuwait for sustainable solid waste management for urban development.

Driven by plastic waste social entrepreneur firm T3 ( Trash Thread Textile ), NIKON and ANISH the partnership is expected to target communities, schools, and families to champion the collection and recycling of the plastic waste materials.

The drive is commercialized and is expected to enhance generation of wealth, employment and youth entrepreneurship. According to the representative of T3 company, one plastic bottle is expected to be bought at one shilling.

The envoys led by Patika Julia of Romania, Maria Guerra of Chile and Rashid Qusai Al-Fahrani of Kuwait challenged Marsabit county to join the world in collecting and recycling post-consumer PET bottles across the county and tap it into innovation and establish partnerships for business development, awareness building, and support recycling.

Governor Mohamud Ali who officially received the envoys in his office said plastic waste management is a major global problem in waste management as it is non-biodegradable.

He lauded the partnership saying it will support his government in solving environmental issues challenges associated with the accumulated plastic waste.

The county boss further applauded the social entrepreneurial firm THE T3 for their commitment to invest in initiatives that saves the planet through recycling.

He assured the company (T3) of his government’s full support on its plan to work with all stakeholders to help the company in collecting and recycling of all plastic wastes generated in the county.

The T3 firm is expected to recycle the plastic and convert it into textile garments.

Governor’s Press Service