Photo: Governor Ukur in Merille where he launched county enterprise fund and KCB Bank Interest Free Loan.

Marsabit County Governor Ukur Yattani yesterday launched two mega community development projects in Merille,Laisamis Sub County.
The project is funded by KCB bank as part of programmes to uplift the standards of life of people in areas where the bank operates. The multi million project aims to promote the economy through supporting livestock and other farmers in creating wealth in the county.
The project was launched at Merille Livestock Market.
Farmers in the county are now guaranteed zero interest on loans. Farmers who are set to benefit are those who rear livestock, fish and bees who will receive loans and are set to benefit more as the bank will use experts to educate the farmers on how to rear livestock.
According to bank officials the Bank is leveraging on partnership with the county government to create change by working on sustainable development.
The County CEO also launched the County Enterprise Fund worth 60 million shillings.
The County Enterprise Fund board has already approved use of Sh30 million in the first phase of the project.
The money will be given as grants to 30 million women, young people and even businesses in 20 wards across the county.
The money will now be distributed to beneficiaries through the phone as part of poverty alleviation project.