Photo: The newly sworn team of Marsabit County CECs with Marsbit County Governor Muhamud Ali

7th Oct 2017

MARSABIT County second cabinet, today took oath of the office in a colourful ceremony held at governor’s residence, a day after which the county CEO Mohamud Ali received the approved list of  the 10 nominees after they were grilled by County assembly.

In his speech governor Ali praised the Marsabit County Assembly for keenly taking there time vetting and approving the process. He termed the assembly’s  as the most efficiency in work delivering as far as cabinet  vetting and approval.

“Your ethnicity was only significant in so far as the selection and recruitment process was concerned. Now that you are in office, the ethnic affliction has loss it’s usefulness. You are a CEC member for Marsabit County but not a CEC member for your clan, or your ethnic group” Said governor Ali.

Governor Ali revealed that the cabinet reflect the true face of Marsabit County, not only in terms of qualifications but also the ethnicity of each member has a heavy load on his/her own shoulder to transform lives of the residents of Marsabit.

The County CEO openly informed the new cabinet that he doesn’t ask for any favours, praises or blind support for having appointed them to the second County cabinet, but all he wants is efficient and effective service delivery to the people of Marsabit in a timely manner. 

The team of CECs will now start working on Monday according to the county boss in order to operationalize the county on critical departments like health to handle crisis on malaria outbreak in North Horr Sub County.

The shortlist County Chief Officers is coming is out soon.