Marsabit Bodaboda Operators

Bodaboda operators in Marsabit central clashed with police on Tuesday after one of their colleagues was arrested by police.

The protesting operators barricaded the Marsabit-Moyale highway, causing traffic snarl-up.

At least 15 operators have been arrested in recent days for allegedly disobeying traffic laws. 

According to Marsabit County Commander Steve Oloo, the crackdown on the Bodaboda operators will continue until sanity on the roads is restored here in Marsabit.

“We arrested 15 riders and confiscated their motorbikes. This angered them but we will not relent in enforcing the law,” he said.

“Some of them claim they are untouchable that’s why they are protesting after being arrested by the police. Nobody is above the law and,” he added.

The operators are accused police of harassing them.