Photo: A wreckage of the vehicle after it was burnt down,in Shauri Yako,Marsabit Town.

Police have launched manhunt for a man after he set his brother’s car on fire before doing into hiding in Marsabit town yesterday.
Around 2 p.m. neighbors responded to a vehicle fire in Shauri Yako. Witnesses said they found a vehicle engulfed in flames.
In an incident that shook many residents, the man allegedly burned the car and strikes others with stones and broke its mirrors from what is believed to be a revenge following a family dispute.
According to the suspect’s brother Hirbo whose car was set on fire, his brother had initially threatened to hurt him and his mother on several occasions.
He said the suspect accused their mother of bewitching him and causing him misfortunes in life.
According to Hirbo, yesterday at around 1:30 PM he came home and found the suspect engaging in arguments with their mother, threatening her with a knife but ran away soon after seeing him.
Hirbo said he decided to report the matter to Marsabit police station.
It was while he was at the station the suspect took the opportunity to carry out the destruction.
He added that although they’ve reported the threat and intimidation by the suspect on many occasions, the police have not taken any action to arrest him.