The accused, Ali Jarso Barako, appeared before Marsabit resident magistrate, B. M. Ombewa was charged that on January 3 this year, at Turbi Water point along Moyale-Marsabit road within Marsabit County he was found harboring 3 Ethiopian nationals who had no identification documents and no permit to be in the Country.
He was found harboring Salesa Kana, Bonaya Halake and Kobu Halakhe knowingly that they are Ethiopian citizens. Ali said that contrary to what the police told the court, he was not harboring them but they followed him to his house. “I was herding cattle with them. They followed me. I did not bring them.” He said.
The court granted him a bond of Sh 200, 000 with a surety of similar amount. He will in the meantime remain in custody until April 12 when his case will be heard. Meanwhile, the three Ethiopians have also appeared before the court to face charges of being in the country illegally.
Salesa Kana Jillo, Bonaya Halakhe, and Kobu Halakhe were jointly charged that on January 3, at Turbi Water Supply being Ethiopian citizens were found in Kenya without valid passport or permit.
They appeared before Marsabit resident magistrate B.M. Ombewa. Giving their evidence, police told the court that on the material-day, police officers on patrol along Moyale-Marsabit received a call from a member of the public who informed them of the presence of the foreigners hiding at a water point.
The officers proceeded to the scene and arrested the accused persons. They established that they are Ethiopians who had no valid pass or passport to be in the country. In their mitigation, the accused pleaded guilty and prayed for leniency saying they came to look for work after their animals died due to drought in Ethiopia.
They were released on a Sh20,000 fine each or one-year imprisonment before they are repatriated to Ethiopia. The court also granted the 14 days right of appeal. Cases of illegal immigrants in the country have continued to be reported despite roadblocks by the police and the popularization of the Nyumba Kumi Initiative.
This comes just a day after six other Ethiopian nationals were arraigned in Marsabit court for being in the country illegally.