Malabo resort located a view kilometers from the shores of Lake Turkana, you couldn’t stay in a better located resort, it has a lovely atmosphere from the moment you arrive, and the stay all over the place to help with anything that you ask for, and on arriving and checking in you get a tour off the resort from the owner, this is to make you familiar with your new home away from home.

Quick check-in

When arrived at Malabo resort at about 4pm in the evening. We were welcomed by the resort manager who showed us around and made us familiar with the Resort. The check-in process was very fast and within a couple of minutes we were done and everybody has settled in their rooms.  Due to the small number of visitors and dedicated staff you are assured of full attention and quick service.



They have everything that you need for a peaceful night, from Lake Side Kenyan bandas to exclusive rooms, Malabo Resort will have you well rested in readiness for a new day of adventure with us.  Their luxurious and cosy rooms are designed with everyone in mind, from the family spending there night together in a spacious self-contained guest house, double rooms for friends of heart as well as single and private self-contained rooms.

Restaurant & Bar

Our chef prepared meals are the best of Local, Kenyan and International cuisines. Nothing beats an ice cold beer on the shore of the Lake as you watch the sun go down, Malabo bar is fully stocked and the restaurant is open with the best snacks and food. They also have comfortable sitting for when you just want to enjoy the cool breeze with great company. Their chef prepares both local and international cuisines, from Ugali with fried fish to spaghetti and meatballs; our professional chef has you covered.

Swimming pool

The resort has a blue clean swimming pool that helps to call down your body during one of those hot days in the lake region. The swimming pool is most of the time warm which is perfect to a long swimming session. Lake Turkana is most of the time hot but the lake gives cool breeze for your body.

Activities while at Malabo Resort

Safari services

There are numerous places to visit in Lake Turkana region. You can take a boat ride to southern island and central island national parks, a cruise to the northern to Koobi For a national reserve or even a road trip to Mount Kulal for bird watching and landscape photography.
Malabo resort offers Safari packages to the visitors with a great Mount Kulal offer. They have 4×4 land cruiser trucks purposely made for African terrains. They offer safari packages to

  • Koobi For a National Reserve
  • Desert museum
  • Mount Kulal (home to Kulal white eye bird)

Cultural activities

Northern Kenya is a hot bed of African cultures; it is one of the regions that is not highly influenced by western and modern cultures. The people in this region still uphold and follow their cultures. Malabo resort is home to Rendille, Turkana, El-molo, Samburu and Dasnach community and visiting Malabo Resort is a guarantee to attend and participate in cultural dances among many other activities such as fishing and African Barbeque


Phone: +254724705800