PICTURE: Flooded Taqwa Madarasa School in Marsabit Town following heavy rains.

5th Nov 2017

MARSABIT COUNTY-A Madarasa school in Marsabit town was closed today closed indefinately after their classes were compound flooded following heavy rains that pounded most parts of the county.

The management of the school, a public institution run by the Islamic foundation, said the flooding was caused by poor drainage in Marsabit town.

“We had to close down the school for the safety of the pupils and the great fear now is outbreak of waterborne diseases and Malaria” Said Sheikh Nur.

Islamic leaders in Marsabit town are urging Marsabit County government to revisit the Marsabit town physical plan on drainage system and pathways to avoid disasters in future since residents are counting massive losses caused by flash floods.

Marsabit town residents are giving their plea to Marsabit County government for quick intervention by calling back Gulsan construction company that was tarmacking Marsabit town roads.

Weather experts have said the rains would continue up to December.